Hello I’m Maia .. so introducing Me :) for blogging 101

Who .. what am I … Mystic, Visionary, Peacemaker, Healer, sensitive Intuitive Empath … so that would be WEIRD to most 😉 between the rainbow lights and the orbs .. Angels & Fairies  … & chatting to Source & Light beings  … you could say I’m embracing my weird these days ..



To me … EVERYTHING IS ENERGY …. & each moment .. we have the Present .. the Gift that Life is ..that Creation is .. to use as we see fit .. we all have the choice .. with the beauty FREE Will gives us … to LIVE THE MAGIC OF LIFE  


Writer & Photographer … well writing and photography .. I have loved since I was very young ….. Nature, Sun, Sea nurture me .. there is so much Beauty so very much to be grateful for in every single day.


I also LOVE Art, Design, Music, Food, COLOUR .. multiplicity ….. and have been called a cosmopolitan.. at the moment though living in the country ♥❤






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  1. Dahneshia says:

    Hello, fellow blogger! Nothing weird here 🙂 To embrace your gifts and not shut them out is the best gift you could give yourself. I wish I had learned that a long time ago. Weird/Normal should be removed from the dictionary I think we may have a lot in common. I shall stop by again !

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    1. So beautifully true @Daneshia … I guess I got that early on ..but kept walking this path of being me yet hiding somehow ..in plane sight as it was but unseen 🙂 ..as it took me almost half a lifetime I guess you could say to finally step away from toxic family relations .. it was a bit like trying to be a peace maker in a war zone .. but hey we learn all the time in every way .. and what we believe is right to do around family .and just usual to accept .. cause we are taught that we’re supposed to be close and loving as such .but oo I can ramble on ..and I guess that could be more of a whole post 🙂 LOL ..

      Oh & I tend to get hearts in my coffee art 🙂 amongst much else .. Nice to meet you & the coffee yip its right here 🙂


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