LIFE as JOY in Awesome Wonder … day 2 blogging 101

oh my its been one of them days .. all I can say is if the tag line and headline and the like had been my wardrobe .. everything in it would now be strewn all over the room .. and after having been through more headings with say

the weird and wonderful world of ..  cause life certainly is that at times 😉

through  …..      madness and tranquility on a mystics journey …  well its always interesting that’s for sure

somehow settling on

Maia Blessings

LIFE as JOY in Awesome Wonder

Musings on Life and Love of a spiritual nature of a Mystic, Visionary, Healer, Sensitive Empath & occasional cynic & always Peacemaker


So after having been around the #tagline block a few times

I seem to have a new theme ..the one I had did not support a tagline  … so

all in all a colourful day 🙂  with a lot of messing around .. or should I say ..

a complete new understanding of the Time Space Continuum 😉 

& now its time for coffeeCare for one ? 🙂

Wishing you all Magical days & Thank’s for visiting 




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