Introductions and Hellos

Well today i have read way more than I intended & have found some wondrous blogs ..followed many .. I see way over 88 it says on  the list … none of which are showing up on this blog … however all are showing up on Heart Cloud Blessings  ..which I have been writing on for a while .. but not as regularly I want to …      … which I haven’t had the time to write on for days … YIKES

My Heart mate Andreas’s blog  .. his photography and quotes from his almost ready to publish book 🙂

Appart form that I have to be honest …I’v read so many really good posts today … but who is who on the list of links … I still haven’t sussed .. but I will .. just not right now … so I’m going with more links  .. in between other posts 🙂 for the next few weeks

also I’ve added many new tags … and tried several new themes to see if they show up … but only my new categories show … tags are ..I guess what tags are today … which is elusive  …

& whereas I was green and a commoner yesterday .. I’m pink and exclusively chateau today  HA 😉   … but only after trying several more themes ..  and seriously I don’t think I can face looking through those again for some time


In a total contrast the smooth fruity Italian whine I had for dinner .. with its bouquet of ripened berries .. sweetest peaches and the summer time bliss of fresh mown grass  and flowery honey .. brought me day dreams of summer .. travels and magic


In other words right beautifully back to me …

technic is by far the only subject … application and theory that can  make my hair stand on end … without electrocution … it is .. my laptop  also the only thing I truly argue with …  curse at .. and have long grumpy conversations with …

Wishing you all Magical days wonderful’s





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  1. your wine description! I can basically taste it so vivid!

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    1. glad I could share 🙂 … cheers 🙂 ..its a part of me I haven’t really shared oh so may years .. I was once told I had an exceptional nose and pallet with the descriptive abilities to do well as a food and wine critic ,,LOL .. needless to say I didn’t pursue those lines .. I thought about perfumerie though as I was studying design etc at the time … but life sometimes leads other ways .. often by those who want to side track us .. but that’s another story 🙂 .. The wine was a white one .. Red is normally my preference it delightfully surprised me which I guess is how it found its way into the assignment 😉 LOL … Its … Piccini Memoro if you’d like to give it a go 🙂 … okie so now I’m rambling because I have no idea on todays topic ,,,


  2. mini2z says:

    Hi Maia – is that Versailles in the photo? If so I’ve been there ❤ Looking forward to reading your blog, you sealed me in with wine, the pink and wit

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do believe it is .. yes me too … stunning place … I have to admit though the other night when I got to this theme eventually .. my eyes where somewhat criss crossed .. so its not my pic I’m afraid … wine ..& pink 🙂 & wit Thank YOU .. Just heading over to yours now 🙂 .


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