Guardian blowing LOVE hearts :)

Heart Cloud Blessings

A Guardian blowing HEARTS & LOVE LIGHT particles all through the sky ♥ made me smile 🙂 so had to share 😉 ♥ Love the days that look as if the sky ….the air all around is alight with sparkles .. seeing the energy is quite something … OOO I wish everyone could see them .. so all fear could be let go ..and LOVE from Source revived … shared .. expanded … in Understanding .. and  allowing of All to just BE …. choosing to  Respect & Honour each other  … 

there has been much talk of Paris .. I have to hope with the higher vibrations of energy available to all .. that the fear .. that is fueled by the mass media is not blown into more anger and hatred … I find it sad that so much anger seem directed at middle eastern countries again ……

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  1. annepm2015 says:

    I really like your blog – creative and mystical. Obviously, you put thought into your posting and your heading.

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    1. Thank You and like wise … I enjoyed yours too .. nice to meet you Neighbour 🙂


  2. Itchy Quill says:

    I worry too about the effect that the attacks will have on some people’s view of Islam. Thanks for sharing your experience of Hearts and Love Light 🙂

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    1. Its a strange time we’re in .. but more and more are awakening TRUTH … & BEing the change we all wish to see things are changing … could be much faster of cause … 🙂 .. but more LOVE & more wanting PEACE only is among us ..<3

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