Just me … Always FEELING Blessed

Me …. I can write on all topics ..but me .. yikes ..however its beyond time I did .. so here goes … a little wee bit anyway :

The Wisdom of PEACE is deep in my HEART … it has to be found on the inside before it IS in our world .. its a CHOICE that we can allow the Beauty of in our lives & spread it far & wide ..  “IMAGINE” what a world that would BE

Mystic … Visionary

Urban Keeper of Ancient Knowledge and practitioner of the Ancient Healing Arts

LOVE is my religion .. Unconditional LOVE of Source … Creator of ALL that IS …..  LIFE FORCE … God Particles .. Sparkles of LIGHT run through and around everyone and everything … its magnificent to behold … & it is all the same for everyone … it is the same for every human … animal .. plant on this planet  .. for everything … & its EASY to see if you will but allow yourself too  … I can teach someone in a hour how to … EVERYONE of us have the latent ability to see the ENERGY … like the halos painted by the old masters .. an ability sadly lost through centuries in multiple fear based .. man made dogmas

Healing … gifts & abilities …

My normal saying of .. “Oo its JUST Me … I’m just weird that’s all” .. has long been out worn … but see my humbleness was and is at times still the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to shake loose … BEing in the ENERGY of LIGHT ..Angels ..Guardians  and the like .. since forever .. and the KNOWING .. Natural Ascension knowledge .. what really matters on this Earth Journey …. that comes with that being scary to all around me .. so I kept me contained … For good chunks of my life really all anyone knew was that they felt good by being around me … aches and pain from head to toe would go away in my presence … Good for them .. not so for me .. all the energetic cords and weights that got hooked into me from this was quite a massive burden  …

Why you may ask ..with Angels at my side and conversations with Source daily … simply because ..I did not set the boundaries … and neither the Angels nor Source can do anything for us … that would violate our FREE WILL … we have to see .. feel .. and learn ..and get to know along the way what is for our and everyone’s highest good ..and what is draining ..even damaging … WE have to CHOOSE … & then once we do CHOOSE .. all IS right there for us ….. It has to come from us first … because LIGHT BEings / HIGHER VIBRATIONAL BEings … will NOT Manipulate in any way .. for any reason …

IMG_0829x w cinema storm clouds pass
& The LIGHT always SHINES in a Calm Centre

As no instruction manual is given on arrival in this world steeped in drama .. manipulation .. pretence .. and dark as well as LIGHT work … the  Herculean journey this LIFE takes us on .. the lessons for ourselves and others  … A Journey in LIGHT is a HEALING one .. for oneself and ALL that we encounter

A Healer has to be totally neutral . and a completely clear channel .. a drama free boundary zone essential for health and well being .. with this comes total TRUTH and a clear view of a topic that might be just the area ..thing .. that is the hardest for someone to see ..there can be complete blockages ..physical ..mental and emotional … it takes courage to face and go through TRUE Healing … but once that choice is made .. there is NOTHING that can not be healed    … our bodies DNA carry the LIGHT CODES of Divine Blueprint  … Aiding in reconnecting others IS what I do … who I naturally AM

Our website (with my Heart Mate (Twinned Flame) Andreas) Its how we share our gifts Neither of us looks it ..but we are both in our mid 40  … so have lots of wisdom and knowledge tucked in under our belts 🙂

I’ve been told I am an Angel many times through life .. psychics ..  high powered travelling Romany Gypsies  have often come up to me and said so .. even the Angels and Guardians around me have always said .. I am of them …

1315 x
Blessings always all around us


I’ve mostly felt like an Alien on a weird journey through so much that I just do not understand .. all the lower vibrations of hatred ..anger jealousies in drama …. the fear that provoked and causes so much pain and suffering … this mad ILLUSION of drama that most choose .. to me its like the storm … & I am right there in the calm centre hand outstretched offering anchorage and shelter .. for the little while it takes for another to find and hold their own centre .. step into their own POWER and hold their own TRUE connection to Source

Sharing the Higher Vibrations

Photographer … or photographing & sharing BEAUTY  … Moments of pure MAGIC  … Delight & WOW … often the Angels & Guardians highlight things in Nature for me .. or peep on out in or between plants  …. ORBS & LIGHT BEings are always around.

HEART CLOUDS are always present even on grey days  … some like this Pink HEART .. & Butterfly  for a full and complete Beltain Meditation & Blessing last year  https://heartcloudblessings.wordpress.com/2014/05/01/be-present-expect-miracles/

Make a wish


I have a whole series of this particular cloud … even played with a dandelion .. for Wishes and Dreams coming true.


So close your eyes for a minute find your wish … hold it in your HEART with LOVE  & Blow .. let the seeds scatter and grow ..so it may Bloom …

& may they all come true for you Wonderful Soul ❤ Namaste


A Writer … I have 2 books in mid progress  to almost finished …

1. Elemental Power ..& “God” Particles

2. Mama Natures Watchers …  My Photography and little stories the trees .. Nature & the Angels tell me … all with high energy & vibration  … & feeling the JOY theme.

011x dk1
This guy was practically jumping out of the forest to tell his tale … so I have to give them their voice .. as so far in life … they have been most patient with me


Cleansing Clearing Energy …

Healing & seeing just comes naturally .. LIGHT  … LOVE of the unconditional kind is my home … my HEART … my Soul …. As such clearing of old energy debris no longer of this dimension also comes with ease … even those energies most leave behind or bypass altogether as they are deemed to dark to clear .. oo but so I don’t write many blog posts worth here … suffice to say energetic clearing around people ..houses and all     https://heartcloudconsultants.wordpress.com/services-starting-with-one-question-intuitive-readings/clearing-energy-and-psychic-self-defense/

Add near Death Experiences  at 4 & 5 … & being part of and viewing my Pappa’s death visions and life review with him before my 7th birthday .. there is an awakening to Truth and to what is truly important on this Journey of Life… which although its the simplest thing in the world … just LOVE  …. Breathing … Living the JOY of that LOVE at all times  .. it is what most find scary  .. go figure ..

Odds n ends & the rest 🙂

Herbs & herbal lore .. my mamma was a great brewer of concoctions .. that nastier tasting and more complicated they were to brew … the more they thrilled her … she wasn’t quite so thrilled that my preferences went towards vibrational & energy medicine and the sweetest of tasting flower essences .. which I make myself .. I always find it intriguing how everyone tastes something different  in the same essence

LOVE making the flower essences & I we do sell them ..  I’m in the process of designing new labels ..as my handwritten ones are  fine for all those clients that know me .. but as we are figuring out the whole online thing of that too  … YIKES



GARDENING too was handed down .. or I took to naturally ..I don’t really know … it took me many years though .. to realize that getting everything to grow so easily apparently wasn’t quite “normal”


design  … styling …

de cluttering

I can take a whole house … and for very little money ..make the ordinary look extraordinary n always HIGH Class .. even before studying fashion and interior design ..way back when .. this was something I always did with ease … this kinda restyling I can do for people too

Take me shopping .. not something I like; ..hmmm I know I’m a girlie & I’m supposed to like it …. mm NO … but I’m good at it … although I’m normally way to fast for those who like tootling around & around … & around some more   … I’ve always been good at a lot of things … but had nothing but anger resentment and jealousies for it …. AH yes .. I do now now that it was because I was around the wrong people .. or in my case born amongst them  … those that did everything & anything to put me down and stop me ..


Writing here in progress .. as I have no idea how to make it a draft only….LOL …… Maia 🙂


The wisdom of PEACE I’ve held in my heart through STORMS ..Hurricanes n Quakes through LIFE


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  1. JMD398 says:

    Wow great page, I am very intrigued, you say you can teach a person in an hour on how to see and notice these things huh? I would definitely love the lesson.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you .. honoured you liked it.
      As for seeing /noticing the light particles all around … its easy as really … just most don’t believe they can .. so they never even try … simplest way 🙂 … did you ever roll up your hands when you were a kid … and look through them ..like they were monoculars ? 🙂
      Well do that … I know sounds nuts … oo yes the when 🙂 … the twilight hour is the easiest to see .. or sunset /sunrise … on a clear day is the easiest to start with … stand with you back to the sun … and look through your hands at the sky … if you meditate /know your breath and focus its a little easier .. but 🙂 .. keep the focus of your hands & on a small area of the sky that you can see … just breathe …. look at the sky as if you are showing your heart its beauty ❤ breathe .. keep breathing deep as you can 🙂 … and relax your eyes .. your focus is kinda beyond the sky .. into and past kinda … (its a little like seeing the picture in the dotted pics that look at first like only dots) … You should at some point start seeing .. what at first looks a bit like static on the old tv's.. once you see them through your hands you can experiment with widening the finders ..and then soon you should see them whenever you want 🙂 … I've promised some of my FB friends to write about it ..so a blog with more is on the horizon .. but there has been a fair bit more to the behind the scenes stuff with this blogging 101 than I anticipated .. not to mention I've read oo so much more than I thought I would .. enjoying it though 🙂 .. Loved your blog & I'm following 🙂


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